Saturday, January 16, 2010


So today i got to babysit my nephew Tyson and we had lots of fun. he came over at 8:00 and i was still geting ready. so while i finished i put on some music from little einsteins and he started singing along. then we had breakfast and went to the store. i had to go to the kitchen store so i packed both kids in the car and away we went. we got to kitchen kneads and he started saying bye bye (so i thought) nope he was singing shew fly dont bother me. i started laughing. then we went to michaels and when we were checking out he started singing agian. the lady started to laugh and i told her he learned a new song and we had to praqctice so his mommy culd hear it later. somewhere amongest all this he also learned the word Hippopotamus. so funny. so i had a good day teaching him a new song. Hopefully Brad and Heidi dont get sick of it. haha

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Ty and Ber said...

I love when kids love new things. They are such sponges when they are little. Sounds like he had a fun time hanging out with his aunt.