Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I feel so lazy. i have not updated my blog for over 2 months. I hope i can remember all that has happened.

Our holiday season did not start out so well. As i mentioned in my last post Xander had surgery for his G-tube. The surgry its self was not bad but i was a nervous wreck. This was just a start for him. He recovered well from it and it is working great.(sorry for the sideways pics not sure how that happened)
We got the cement poured for the driveway and the dogs thought they would help. Good thing they were not done yet. Tony almost came home to a couple injured dogs. i wanted to beat them so bad.
Tony decided that he wanted a blanket. not just any blanket a Patriots blanket. and he wanted it to be so big that he can wrap himself in it 3 times. it is huge!!! needless to say i have not finished it yet. Maybe i will work on it soon. (NOT) hehehehe

Xanders drama continues with his Shunt surgery. He had his shunt placed the week before Thanksgiving. This surgery went pretty well. i got a little nervous when no one came to tell me how it went. i was in the waiting room for almost two hours before i heard anything. the surgery only lasted about 20 min. so i was just a little out of my mind. He is doing well since having the Shunt placed and he seems to be more alert.
Work on the house continues. We had the drywall done and it looks so good. They did an awesome job. (thanks Boyd and his company for helping us out)
Tony decided that he was going to add to my stress and hurt himself. He called from work to tell me he was on his way to the hospital and he did not know if it was sprained or broken. i was ok at first until i hung up and then started freaking out. i tried calling him back but he would not answer his phone. i was praying that he had hurt himself while he was on the clock because he was headed to Davis Hospital and our insurance does not covr there. if he had gone to any other hospital our insurance would cover it in full because we had reached our out of pocket. good thing it was on the clock. but he does not even have acool story. he hurt himself at gym time (which he gets paid for) while playing Volleyball. Thank goodness it was just a sprain.
I decided to see if Xander liked the lights on the tree and he fell asleep. he dos that a lot.

We have made a new tradition in our family to make Turtles at Christmas. so Heidi got her granmas receipe and taught us how. They were so good. Tony ended up eating most of them because he got to them before me.

If 2 surgerys were not enough we ended up at PCMC agin right before Christmas. I had noticed that Xanders Shunt was looking really big and puffy and it was starting to worry me so we took him to Primarys to see his doctor. While they were doing his CT scans, etc. they found excess air outside of his belly that should not be there. Turns out everything was ok with his Shunt but we had to stay overnight for more tests. they did more tests and checked to see if there was a leak anywhere but did not see anything. Xander was released on Christmas Eve and went home on an 8 day regimen of antibiotics. so far everythng seems to be going great.


The house is still in the works. we got the siding and garage door done. now we are getting things ready to paint and do finish work. i can't wait until it is done

Last but not least i just got home from St. George with the girls. I had a lot of fun but it was really hard to leave the baby. i have never left him so i think it was extra hard. my family probably thought i didn't have fun but i did. Happy B-day Mom

All in all things have been great. we had a wonderful holiday and anjoyed the food. now back to the gym i go. life is good and there is still more to come. hope everyone else had a good holiday as well. love you all
So i think i am up to date with it all. if not then hopefully i will remember to write next week.


Ty and Ber said...

The house is coming along. I'm sorry about all the drama with Xander's surgeries but I am glad that he is doing well now.

Ashley said...

He is a stinkin' cute little guy! You are a strong woman to go through all of that over the past couple of months! I hope the house gets finished quickly and that Xander will continue to do well! Hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and joy!