Thursday, August 13, 2009

It has been awhile since i posted pics of the Baby so here are some new ones. I tryed to get them to be the right way but it would not do it. Xander has been growing like a weed. He is almost 7 months and weighs probably 16 or more pounds. he is so chubby.
We have been working with the ladys from the Deaf and Blind School hoping to get Xander to comunicate somehow. He did get his hearing aides which i hope will help. things are going well and he is so much fun

This the light box that we use to help him with his eyes.

This is a little orange Yarn ball that we try to get hi to grab onto but he does not really like to.

This is a pic of one of his hearing aides. they are so little.

This is another of the light box and toys to see how well he responds to different things

He loves the swing. he could chill in that thing all day.

We have had a fun couple of months. we went to Anderson Meadows with my family for 4 days and it was so much fun. we just sat around and did nothing it was great. i was worried about Xander and whether or not he would be OK up in the mountains but he did so well. he only woke us up a couple of times. i think he was the warmest one up there. This is Tyson one of my cute little nephews. he wanted to go swimming but it was so cold.
This is Kaub my other cute nephew. he did not care that it was cold he wanted to get wet and play.

This is one of many of the squirrels that came to visit our camp. he peeked at us through the whole in the tree.

Sleeping Xander.

All bundled up. it was cold and raining for 2 days so he was bundled up in allot of clothes. but he was warm