Thursday, February 11, 2010

So as i have said before i am really bad at updating my blog. I guess its better late than never.
Last time i wrote it was almost Xanders B-Day so i will start there.

Xander turned 1 year old on Jan 21st 2010.
We invited the family and a few friends over for cake and icecream and had a little party for Xanders B-day. it was a lot of fun. he got so many cool things and some really cute clothes. He also got some money for his new carseat which is on order right now. he grew to be a little to big for his so we spent some time finding the right one. I know he didnt have a clue what went on but i enjoyed it. Thanks Everyone For Coming Over.

I wanted his cake to be really cool for his birthday so I decided to be alittle creative. I had seen this style of cake at my friends girls B-day and i loved it so i got the directions on how to construct it and made it my own. It took me about 4 hours to make and decorate and i am not sure i will do this cake again. it was fun though and i learned a few things so i would be easier next time. the frosting was the best though. i turned my mouth blue and tasted so good. (thanks Dairy Queen) I am by all means not a cake decorater but if i do say so it looks AWESOME!!!!!

One of the things Nama gave him for his b-day was one of those cart covers for the shopping carts. ( we forgot it this day but it is in the car now for future use.)He is a little squished but he was really calm.

We all went to support lilly at a Cheerleading Competition and enjoyed watching them kick some major butt. Xaander of course did not like the cheering and screming. he cried everytime we started to yell. GO ROY HIGH!!!!!!

Life has been really good and we just keeping moving day by day. The house is almost done and i can't wait. I will try harder to post more often and keep you all informed on how we are doing.

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