Friday, November 21, 2008

this has been a really long week. i started back to work yesterday part time scanning documents. it does not sound hard but it wipes me out after a couple of hours. i decided that i needed to do something to help the time go by faster and earn a little extra cash. I emailed my former boss and asked if they would hire me temporarily through the holidays or until the baby comes and he said yes. it is weird to be back but i really enjoy the people so it will be ok.
Our son is growing big and is moving all the time. right know the doctor said he is or should be exactly 3 pounds and 17 in long. that is almost more than Kaison weighed at 32wees and i am only 29 weeks. so hopefully that means good things are going to happen.
Thanksgiving is coming and that means lots of food. i am so excited to eat and eat. hope everyones Holidays are great.


Melanie said...

YEA!!! Glad to hear you are feeling him AND he is sooo big!!

Kimberly and Aaron said...

Oh, gosh...that is great news!! Not too much longer until we get to meet him!!