Monday, November 10, 2008

It has been a really rough week. As i told you we had a Foster placement of three kids. It turns out that Tony and I are not quite ready to be instant parents of three children. The stress and frustration was causing us to drift apart and my health to be affected. I could feel my blood pressure rising every second. They are good kids but they needed someone who could help them in ways that Tony and I could not. They were placed with the Family that they were originally placed with before they went to their Grandparents. I was a little sad to see them go but i was also relieved. Tony and I have decided that we are going to bring our son safely into this world before we begin this Foster Care process again. If and when we choose to do this again we will only have one at a time and we will start with a younger age. For now we are going to focus on the health of our son who will be joining us, hopefully by the end of Jan, 2009. So far he is growing big and healthy everyday. It is possible that he may have the same genetic condition that our son Kaison had but so far the doctors do not think that it is as severe. All we can do is Hope and Pray that all will be well and keep moving forward.


Melanie said...

You look so pretty!

davenandkrista said...

I love you tons chicka!! And I admire your strength to even try to take on other people's kids. Not every one can even do that. Foster care is not the simple plan everyone thinks it is. I'm glad that you are going to take care of your family right now! That's what is most important. I agree with Melanie, you look so pretty!