Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been wanting to update my blog but i just never know what to say. Our lives here at the Blakeleys is changing daily and some days it is good and others not so much. it has been 3 months since the passing of Xander and we are doing well. we dove right back into the Foster care system and had a placement about 2 months ago. He was such a cute little guy. he was placed in his Fathers care( which was a good thing). we had him for three days and we loved every minute. so while we waited for another placement we went on with life.
We went to Moab for the UTV RALLY and had so much fun. I really like Moab and the time we had away. a few weeks before that i went to New Mexico with my mom and Lilly to visit with Krista and her Family. we had a blast. we watched Conference and played on the buggies, cleaned kristas back room and just sat around. it was really fun. After Moab we unfortunatley had to come back to the real world of work and cleaning.

But one sunny day i got a call that there was a cute little baby girl that was removed from her Mothers care. i went up to meet her on Tuesday and on Wednesday i came home with her. I am sorrry i can not Say anything about her and her situation. all i can say is she is so cute and hopefully the Mother can get her act together and get custody back.

Life is going great and i know if i just continue on it will get better. I am the only one who can make it what i want.

Until next time.

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Ty and Ber said...

Katy, you are amazing. I am a better person just from knowing you. You will be an amazing influence on the kids that are placed in your care.