Friday, May 22, 2009

So it is the end of the month and i am finally getting around to another post.

Things are going well. Not much happens at our house. We are finally getting started on the addition to our house. thay are coming today to pour concrete. YEAH!!!!
Xander is doing well, he is about 11 lbs now and is so cute. (i will post pics soon)
we did find out that he has some hearing but it is very little. we will be fitting him for a hearing aide soon to see if that might help. if not then we will have to look into a cochlear implant. things are looking more positive as he gets bigger and stronger. so far so good right! he is f 4 moths now and is so cute.
hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.
Have a good Memorial Day.

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Ty and Ber said...

Katy- Hope you don't mind I hunted down your blog. So did the doctor sign the "permission slip" for Xander's hearing aides?

Have an awesome weekend!!